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IMAGINAIRE VII Exhibition, 2014

Vernissage and book launch

November 1st 2014

from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Several artists  will be present. There  will be live music and performance

Participating artist at the exhibition are:

Steven Kenny – USA (guest of honour), Igor Grechanyk UA (2nd guest of honour),

Michael Hiep – NL, Karol Bak – P

Claus Brusen – DK, Tim Roosen – B,

Iskren Semkov – BG, Ginny Page – DK,

José Parra – MX, Helle Rask Crawford – DK,

Winnie Strøm Schildknecht – DK, Juliana Pavlova – BG,

Dag Samsund – DK, Jack Lipowczan – P/D,

Thor Lindeneg – DK, Cas Waterman – NL,

Herman Smorenburg – NL, Joseph Kaliher – I/USA,

Ronald Burns – DK, Tweekunst – NL,

Gil Bruvel – USA, Gert Brasque – DK,

Tegner Bruno – DK, Dirkje Wigarda – NL,

Patrick van der Linde NL, Micha Lobi – R,

NG Hammer – DK, David M. Bowers – USA

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