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Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas 2018 in 4 different galleries in Germany. 100 artists showing more than 300 værker. All works are 300 Euro My 6 sculptures can be seen Galerie BonArThe in Bad Rappenau between Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Vernissage 16/11 at 7 pm.…

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Portrait Now! Sweden

. /10/"> PORTRÄTT NU! 2.9 - 29.10 2017 The 6th Carlsberg Foundation Portrait Award. Opening by Mette Skougaard, museum director, Danish national history Museum. Ljungberg museum, Kronobergs läns museum for Art Since 2012 the official Art Museum for  Kronobergs…

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The Exhibition, Peace, in Stuttgart, 2107

The Exhibition, Peace, in Stuttgart, 2107 [KUN:ST] International has instituted an Art Prize under the theme Peace. The sculpture: In the Shadows of War participates. May 19 to June 24 The exhibition will move to Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania, USA.

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